taskfox prototype – a smipler ubiquity

So this is not a plugin which makes it easier to use immediately. Ubiquity requires a restart because it is a plugin. What I like about taskfox is that you can get through stuff faster and make more permanent the things you really want to read by dragging it away. Just watch the video.

Taskfox Prototype from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

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Firefox + Ubiquity + Twitter plugin = awesome

So yesterday I reconfirmed how badass this deadly combination is. You just take Firefox, add Ubiquity with Twitter and you can update your twitter status in about 3 seconds from your firefox browser via command line. My favorite though is that I’ve also tied my Twitter to my Facebook account and Blog so all will update at the same time. Watch the video about Ubiquity and you’ll see why it’s so cool.

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