dan pink on the surprising science of motivation

I could not agree more and just realized that is why Stephen Dukes was such a good manager.

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dan ariely on our buggy moral code – ted.com

Why I like this video: I really like this video because it takes a series of experiments and directly applies them to the current state of the economy. Not to mention it is interesting to know how people will behave during certain situations when cheating is an option.

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joe derisi: hunting the next killer virus

This video was too amazing not to share.

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confessions of a TED addict – i can relate to this

ted1.jpgI can completely relate to this article. When I first discovered TED, I spent hours upon hours watching the talks. I was completely baffled as to why I had never seen these before. I wanted to be at the conference… then I realized that it was both invite only and you actually had to do something ground breaking. That’s when it hit me… I can tag along with Nick when he’s invited due to his extensive studies at UCLA in the field of bioinformatics. Perfect.

Oh why oh why have I been bingeing on TED talks again? I promised myself I would quit watching the ecstatic series of head-rush disquisitions, available online, from violinists, political prisoners, brain scientists, novelists and Bill Clinton. But I can’t. Each hortatory TED talk starts with a bang and keeps banging till it explodes in fireworks. How can I shut it off? The speakers seem fevered, possessed, Pentecostal. No wonder I am, too, now.

A TED talk begins as an auditorium speech given at the multidisciplinary, invitation-only annual TED conference. (This year’s 25th-anniversary conference takes place next week in Long Beach, Calif.) TED then creates videos of the speeches and puts them online so they can find a broader audience — and usurp my life. There are around 370 speeches and counting on TED.com. A new one is added every weekday.

via The Medium – Confessions of a TED Addict – NYTimes.com.

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What scientists do TED Video (nsfw language)

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Dog Training at TED Conference

This dog training video, despite its length really makes you think differently about training a dog or raising a child. That’s why I love TED.com.

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