disco to hip hop

CalvinHarris1. Calvin Harris – Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)
[audio: CalvinHarris-Flashback(EricPrydzremix).mp3]
Calvin Harris generates music with a great mix of electronic, funk, and disco. For some reason I feel like I’m missing some major artists in this genre. Does anyone know any other bands that sound similar? This particular song is the kind that I can really get into something like studying. It helps me focus for some reason. ATB has a similar effect.

port-royal2. Port-Royal – HVA (Failed Revolutions)
[audio: PortRoyal-HVA(FailedRevolutions).mp3]
The quiet progression of this music with the effects reminds me of DNTEL/pre Postal Service. It’s relaxing, yet with a bit of unknown thanks to the effects, which keep it interesting.

puts3. People Under the Stairs – Trippin’ At The Disco
[audio: PeopleUnderTheStairs-TrippinAtTheDisco.mp3]
This song is a fun one. I am still on my quest to find the best disco/funk/hiphop/rock band that just make you want to dance. I haven’t quite found IT yet. I’ll let you know though…

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music monday – nick bertke – expialidocious

This is an electronic remix of some Mary Poppins scenes. It is similar to the Alice in Wonderland remix I posted recently. Enjoy.

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