music monday – kid cudi – pursuit of happiness

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a little something to get you over the hump

kidcudi1. Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness
[audio: KidCudi-PusuitOfHappiness.mp3]
Kid Cudi is an up and coming indie Hip Hop artist from Cleveland, OH who now works in Brooklyn. You may recognize that the backup vocals are Memphis’ MGMT. Ratatat is also featured. Kid Cudi’s debut full length album is due out Sept. 15 (my birthday).

shoops2. Shoops – Move Bounce Flip
[audio: Shoops-MoveBounceFlip.mp3]
This Montreal duo’s debut “Love/Lust” is due out in the near future. According to them their music sounds like

Your girlfriend listening to Kanye West while she touches herself.

anyamarina3. Anya Marina – Move You
[audio: AnyaMarina-MoveYou.mp3]
Be patient with this song… give it a couple of listens and see what you think.

Musically, Marina and her producers Brian Karscig (guitarist for San Diego’s Louis XIV, who produced 10 tracks) and Britt Daniel (of beloved indie-rock band Spoon, who produced two) keep things rocking at a dynamic clip.

You can find her album Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II at

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