new particle y(4140) surprises physicists

This article is great news for scientists.. it basically means that we’re still having luck deconstructing matter. While this is good news and I’m a big fan of physics, I have no idea what all of these different particles are or how they interact with each other. I feel I’m just a few steps behind these scientists since they don’t know for sure either. Be that as it may, this article serves as a great way to transition into a book I’ve been reading thanks to Jeremy. I have been preparing a summary with my comments in blog form and hope to get it out before the week’s end. If not, never fear, it will be next week. It can change your perspective.

Scientists of the CDF experiment at the Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory announced yesterday that they have found evidence of an unexpected particle whose curious characteristics may reveal new ways that quarks can combine to form matter. The CDF physicists have called the particle Y(4140), reflecting its measured mass of 4140 Mega-electron volts. Physicists did not predict its existence because Y(4140) appears to flout nature’s known rules for fitting quarks and antiquarks together.

via Particle oddball surprises physicists.

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