elek in august

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elek sings for the world to hear

I luckily got Elek on video singing a few songs. Please enjoy.

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it’s friday

It’s friday and I’m in my cube looking at all the pictures I have of Elek and Diana up on my wall. They make me smile. There’s one of Diana and Elek having a great time on the carousel at Wolfchase mall. There’s another with Elek working on his Winnie the Pooh airplane, still another with Elek wearing his “I do all my own stunts” (he does) teeshirt looking up at momma in the kitchen of our old apartment. It’s just amazing how time flies. I’m very fortunate to have such a happy, functional, and wonderful family.

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elek in the snow – part 2

Below are several videos of Elek throwing snowballs, helping build a snowman, and laughing.

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elek in the snow – part 1

This is Elek’s second exposure to snow. His favorite part was throwing snowballs like in the movie Elf.

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elek starts his new daycare – change

This Monday, Elek started his new daycare, which is where I went when I was a kid. It has a large number of benefits including they serve him a hot lunch and they go from 6:45 AM to 6:00 PM. We are so lucky to finally have Elek in a daycare that goes full time. He’s still adjusting to it, but hopefully he’ll even go willingly in a week or two. It breaks my heart to see him cry when I leave him.

Everyone can all get upset or moody when our schedule changes as well. It’s not unique to a two year old. Just as Elek is adjusting, so am I. I get set in my ways and this will become even more true when I get older. I think I should make it a habit of getting out of my routine, or changing something up when I get comfortable. It keeps me on my toes and makes me think. I have my lovely wife to thank for this new perspective as I also enjoy a schedule and routine. The unexpected is scary to me because it is somewhat out of our control. As Diana pointed out recently, I like to be in control so you can imagine that it’s a challenge to break out of that every so often.

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