Another old poem

When I look into your eyes
It’s no surprise
I’ve seen this look before

Too many of my days have past
since I saw your look last
I only want to see it more

My heart is ripped between friend and foe
It’s too hard to feel this low
My hopes are that of your heart being pure

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More old writing


The demon from within speaks through me
My consciousness goes blank
I see but am blind
Paralyzed with tremendous fear

He owns me now
My eyes are but a window to reality
I see through them from a distance
Only to perceive others judging me

I am sick of being caged
My will to be is too strong
I feel myself projecting strength
My soul protrudes my flesh and I am free

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Over 2 Years ago…

There I was, standing on the shell covered beach looking at the white between my toes. The wind grabbed my hair in handfuls and threw it in my face. There was an aged shrimp boat steadily returning to port with its nets up. The afternoon sun glistened on the top of the waves and ripples of the tide almost blinding me with beauty. I slowly lifted my hand to shield my eyes from the sun’s glare. I started toward the dock where my crab traps were waiting patiently. I could feel the pricks of the broken seashells under my tired feet…

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More Writing from over 2 years ago


My feeling fluctuates
From being happy that I’m alive
To the heartache that I’m alone
In my own world molded from fear
Destroyed by society
Trapped in the “Real World”
Ever there is an escape
It is truly death
I’m not scared anymore
The inevitable is certain
Through certainty comes strength
The dead welcome me
But I still stand strong
Unmoved but not uncaring
It isn’t my time

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Excerpt from over 2 years ago


I don’t belong,
never have in your world
you strive to fit in
I never have don’t anymore
It doesn’t work
you don’t know who you are
but I do

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