the (un)caged bird

you were not caged as perceived

a wondering and gliding spirit

merely attracted to the like

a connection which passes current understanding

the cage was never closed

in fact, there is no cage

you must completely open your heart before you can see


the short term future is still unknown, little bird

the long term was determined long ago

everything will return

to one

untitled – the poem

This is a poem I wrote many years ago.

How do you know when you see someone’s soul?
When it peaks from behind their eyes
Feel it penetrate your every defense
Touching your heart at the core
Words don’t need to be said
Your heart starts at every movement
Intense suspense
Waiting for what could be real
Eager anticipation
For new developments
Unexplored territory
Like a child taking its first steps
Slowly into the unknown

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nietzsche advice

I really need to hold on to good advice.



next generation cloaking device demonstrated

“A device that can bestow invisibility to an object by “cloaking” it from visual light is closer to reality. After being the first to demonstrate the feasibility of such a device by constructing a prototype in 2006, a team of Duke University engineers has produced a new type of cloaking device, which is significantly more sophisticated at cloaking in a broad range of frequencies.”

“Cloaking devices bend electromagnetic waves, such as light, in such a way that it appears as if the cloaked object is not there. In the latest laboratory experiments, a beam of microwaves aimed through the cloaking device at a “bump” on a flat mirror surface bounced off the surface at the same angle as if the bump were not present. Additionally, the device prevented the formation of scattered beams that would normally be expected from such a perturbation.”

via Next generation cloaking device demonstrated.

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Hollow men walk the earth
Yet somehow you are not one
So many empty people in a full bar
People lack substance

*Note: I guess this one is pretty straigtforward

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More old writing


This life I lead is nothing
Hollow attempts at temporary relief
The monotonous droning of the big machine
seduces the ignorant

Safety is but a happenstance
The machine consumes them
Its hunger is insatiable
Greed can’t hold a candle to this

They are all free slaves
Shackles and blindfolds
Thunder strikes and the skies weep
The word ends with a glorious

Exit stage left

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