flames from seawater

I saw this video a while back and it still peaks my interest. I wonder what, if anything, they have done since then…

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hirsute by a.j. bond

Why I like this video: Hirsute is an interesting short about time travel. It is similar to Primer, which I really enjoyed and would love to watch again.

Hirsute from A.J. Bond on Vimeo.

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zeitgeist – the addendum

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could junk dna battle hiv?

How cool is this? Maybe we have the necessary means to fight HIV/AIDS within ourselves. It’s actually very encouraging to me and it reaffirms how much potential the human body has within.

About 95% of the human genome has once been designated as “junk” DNA. While much of this sequence may be an evolutionary artifact that serves no present-day purpose, some junk DNA may function in ways that are not currently understood. The conservation of some junk DNA over many millions of years of evolution may imply an essential function that has been “turned off.” Now scientists say there’s a junk gene that fights HIV. And they’ve discovered how to turn it back on.

What these scientists have done could give us the first bulletproof HIV vaccine. They have re-awakened the human genome’s latent potential to make us all into HIV-resistant creatures, and hey’ve published their ground-breaking research in PLoS Biology.

via Darwin’s Radio: Prehistoric Gene Reawakens to Battle HIV.

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rick warren and sam harris debate about god

I’ve been trying to read A Purpose Given Life by Rick Warren (to see what all the talk is about) recently. I managed to get about one third of the way through it.. maybe even almost a half and I lost complete and total motivation to finish it. That being said, I ran across this interesting debate between Rick Warren and Sam Harris. Sam’s latest book God is Not Great looks like an interesting read. I’d like to finish Rick Warren’s then read Sam Harris’ in order to compare their contrasting viewpoints. Check out the following article and let me know what you think.

The God Debate | Newsweek.com.

PS – One of the things I’m struggling with is.. what’s the difference between not believing in God versus believing that there exist something that people label as God that is everything. Kind of like naturalisticPantheism. The difference to me seems to be in the details of the label. What are your thoughts?

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christopher hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is an interesting character, an author, a journalist, and pretty much anti religious. While I find his talks about religion to be interesting, I don’t think we are on the same level when it comes to politics. He just released a book called . I found the talk below at Google pretty interesting.

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