whitest kids you know – slow jerk

Why I like it: It’s fairly inappropriate and takes it to the next level. That is why I love a lot of videos like this.

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super porn sunday! porn interrupts comcast super bowl broadcast

Everyone in Tuscon, AZ got a free 30 second peak into a porn during the superbowl this year. Usually, don’t you have to pay for this?! Zach knows about these sort of things. Supposedly Comcast may reimburse each person who saw or could have seen the image with $5. That’s what it’s worth to Comcast for corrupting your children. Nice going worst company ever.

Comcast customers in Tuscon, AZ watching the Super Bowl saw more pigskin than they bargained for when 30 seconds of a porno movie cut in to the final minutes of the big game. “I was watching the game with my family, Larry Fitzgerald scores the go ahead TD – then bam, penis,” writes reader David. A Comcastic Fight Club homage, perchance?

The clip from cable show “Club Jenna” shows a woman sitting on a couch and struggling to pull out porn actor Evan Stone’s genitalia from his pants. The pair laugh at the difficulty. Mr. Stone then jumps up and pulls his pants down and twists from side to side, slapping it against his body, and then the game comes back on.

via Comcast: Porn Interrupts Comcast Super Bowl Broadcast.

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Essence of Burger King

Now, you can not only purchase a disgusting meal from Burger King, but you can also smell like it too! I am a bit biased since I’ve gotten sick every time I have tried Burger King (3 times when I was younger). Have you ever left an “empty” Burger King bag in your car overnight and then smelled it in the morning? Yeah, that’s exactly what I want to smell like to… flame broiled fugly. I can’t imagine why Burger King developed “Flame”, their first and probably only essence. Pardon me while I barf.. congratulations, that makes 4 times Burger King!

If you’d like to smell like Burger King….

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