disco to hip hop

CalvinHarris1. Calvin Harris – Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)
[audio: CalvinHarris-Flashback(EricPrydzremix).mp3]
Calvin Harris generates music with a great mix of electronic, funk, and disco. For some reason I feel like I’m missing some major artists in this genre. Does anyone know any other bands that sound similar? This particular song is the kind that I can really get into something like studying. It helps me focus for some reason. ATB has a similar effect.

port-royal2. Port-Royal – HVA (Failed Revolutions)
[audio: PortRoyal-HVA(FailedRevolutions).mp3]
The quiet progression of this music with the effects reminds me of DNTEL/pre Postal Service. It’s relaxing, yet with a bit of unknown thanks to the effects, which keep it interesting.

puts3. People Under the Stairs – Trippin’ At The Disco
[audio: PeopleUnderTheStairs-TrippinAtTheDisco.mp3]
This song is a fun one. I am still on my quest to find the best disco/funk/hiphop/rock band that just make you want to dance. I haven’t quite found IT yet. I’ll let you know though…

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you? yeah, well you’re awesome

youyoureawesome1. You, You’re Awesome – International Fan Club of the World
[audio: YouYoureAwesome-InternationalFanClubofTheWorld.mp3]

musicacomeme2. Matias Aguayo – Rollerskate
[audio: MatiasAguayo-Rollerskate.mp3]
This ones reminds me of the Sanford and Son theme song. After hearing this one I had to go back and listen to the theme song and it made me smile!

honeyclaws3. Honey Claws – Lightning Killeye
[audio: HoneyClaws-LightningKilleye.mp3]

This song sounds a lot like MGMT to me. I really enjoy it.

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another musical meandering

Bear with me.. still having WordPress wp-cron issues that are eating server resources. Still trying to see what I can do short of disabling cron to work around it.

blackhollies1. The Black Hollies – Gloomy Monday Morning
[audio: TheBlackHollies-GloomyMondayMorning.mp3]

badveins2. Bad Veins – Gold and Warm
[audio: Bad_Veins-Gold_and_Warm.mp3]

totalbabeband3. Total Babe – Bearbones
[audio: TotalBabe-BearBones.mp3]

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latest listenings – i’m a dork

stakk1. Stakk Money – Dorkin’
[audio: StakkMoney-Dorkin.mp3]
“I know, I’m as dorky as it gets. I get so much brain, it don’t even make sense!”

toyo2. Toro Y Moi – Blessa
[audio: ToroYMoi-Blessa.mp3]
Chaz Bundick has been creating music influenced by Daft Punk and Animal Collective in Columbia, SC since 2001. He’s due to release two albums in 2010 which I may very well be interested in. One is “a dreamy, indie electronic affair” and the other is “a jumpy, garage-influenced indie pop effort that nodded to Saturday Looks Good to Me and Guided by Voices” according to allmusic.com.

Kolander3. Solander – Looking for Gold
[audio: Solander-LookingForGold.mp3]
Solander is an indie folk band from Sweden who slowly and softly engage you in a melodic symphony of strings in “Looking for Gold.”

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glad this week is over mix

This week has been a long one. Work has been OK with a few exceptions. We have had plenty of activities this week though including Cooper Young Night Out Tuesday, dinner at my mom’s Wednesday, dinner at the Schadt’s Thursday, and finally a babysitter and a party to go to Friday. I’m ready for this week to end. I hope you enjoy these few songs.

jookabox1. Jookabox – You Cried Me
[audio: Jookabox-YouCriedMe.mp3]
I like the fast paced folkish strumming and howling.

knigsof2. Kings of Convenience – Mrs. Cold
[audio: KingsofConvenience-MrsCold.mp3]
This is a laid back song that I really needed today after a couple of mishaps.

jc3. Jesus Christ (The Indie Band) – Is This Really What You Want
[audio: JesusChrist(TheIndieBand)-IsThisReallyWhatYouWant.mp3]
First of all, I love the name of the band. Second, the dialog is classic. It makes me smile. Is that bad? And then it’s sad.

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latest listening on hump day

These are three songs that caught my eye a while ago and unfortunately I’m just now getting around to posting them. And yes, I promise this is my last Thao Nguyen song. At least for a while.

munk1. Munk – Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster Remix)
[audio: Munk-BackDown(CutCopyJackmasterRemix).mp3]
You may have already heard of Munk who were big in Europe and New York for providing the soundtrack for fashion shows, gallery openings, and underground dance parties in the 2000s. Since then, they have pumped out a lot of music. I’m looking forward to listening to a bit more of them. In fact, I think I’ll do that now.

blackstar2. Black Star – Definition
[audio: BlackStar-Definition.mp3]
The name of this group is actually just the artists that contributed to the album Black Star Mos Def, Black Star, Talib Kweli. They tried to pull the hip hop community back together after the feuds between Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. I remember Talib was a small blip on my radar when Vanderbilt booked him for a show. All of the members have been more successful as solo artists.

thao23. Thao Nguyen – Know Better Learn Faster
[audio: ThaoNguyen-KnowBetterLearnFaster.mp3]
How much Thao is too much Thao? I don’t know. I’ve gotten the album “We Brave Bee Stings and All” and it’s really good. I suggest you check it out as well.

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