Setting Up HTC One Google Play Edition with WalMart’s StraightTalk

So I couldn’t find this information ANYWHERE else on the internet so I thought I would share my experience.
First of all, I hear that WalMart / StraightTalk has stopped selling AT&T SIM cards. I purchased my HTC One GE online on the Google Play store.

When purchasing a SIM from Straight Talk, I chose the Bring Your Own Phone plan and chose option GSM. Next, I chose the “T-Mobile Compatible Phone” option at the “Please choose the type of phone you have:” dialog. Keep in mind, this is a full sized SIM card and the HTC One Google Edition takes a MicroSIM card. I used these directions/template to cut my SIM card into a Micro SIM card. I didn’t get it right first, so the phone said something like “No SIM Card Detected” when I turned it on. The gold contacts should be closest to the TOP of the tray/TOP of the phone. Once I sanded it down and got contact, I had to factory reset my phone in order for it to recognize the voice portion. Now I can make calls!

Next, on to the data portion. You have to set up (or edit) a new Access Point Name (APN). Below are my settings and I chose to edit the APN called TracFone (Settings->More->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names).

APN Name. straight talk
APN. wap.tracfone
proxy. blank
port. 8080
mms proxy. blank
mms port. 8080

I tested the phone, internet (web browser), SMS, and MMS successfully.

So NOW StraightTalk offers micro SIMs. Ugh. Also apparently they have to install equipment on the Tmobile or AT&T towers in order to get their phones to work with them. The speed is not that good and my phone kept switching from Edge to 3G to HSPA and back to 3G over and over. I read an article that says that unlocked phones do that and switch because they don’t always need the fastest speeds when they are updating. It also said that branded phones from AT&T, Tmobile do the same thing, but it just hides it from the user. Anyway I switched to TMobile and I am much happier. Faster speeds and better coverage!