born that way

I saw this today and thought it was a really well put together short. The character development is pretty good for it being so short. Not to mention the soundtrack is awesome. Pretty violent though.

Born That Way from Tony McNeal on Vimeo.


music monday – goddamn electric bill – ten thousand years

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musica monday – chromeo – night by night


Chromeo “Night By Night” Video from GreenLabelSound on Vimeo.

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music monday – dan balan – chica bomb

This mostly NSFW video is pretty catchy and sexy. Hope you enjoy.

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disco to hip hop

CalvinHarris1. Calvin Harris – Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)
[audio: CalvinHarris-Flashback(EricPrydzremix).mp3]
Calvin Harris generates music with a great mix of electronic, funk, and disco. For some reason I feel like I’m missing some major artists in this genre. Does anyone know any other bands that sound similar? This particular song is the kind that I can really get into something like studying. It helps me focus for some reason. ATB has a similar effect.

port-royal2. Port-Royal – HVA (Failed Revolutions)
[audio: PortRoyal-HVA(FailedRevolutions).mp3]
The quiet progression of this music with the effects reminds me of DNTEL/pre Postal Service. It’s relaxing, yet with a bit of unknown thanks to the effects, which keep it interesting.

puts3. People Under the Stairs – Trippin’ At The Disco
[audio: PeopleUnderTheStairs-TrippinAtTheDisco.mp3]
This song is a fun one. I am still on my quest to find the best disco/funk/hiphop/rock band that just make you want to dance. I haven’t quite found IT yet. I’ll let you know though…

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untitled – the poem

This is a poem I wrote many years ago.

How do you know when you see someone’s soul?
When it peaks from behind their eyes
Feel it penetrate your every defense
Touching your heart at the core
Words don’t need to be said
Your heart starts at every movement
Intense suspense
Waiting for what could be real
Eager anticipation
For new developments
Unexplored territory
Like a child taking its first steps
Slowly into the unknown

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