music monday – the von durden party project – keep on dancing

Keep on dancing!

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music makes my life more enjoyable

despot1. Despot – Look Alive
[audio: Despot-LookAlive.mp3]

During what can be seen as a very successful scholastic career of standing on various corners and hurting people, Despot sought a creative outlet and found it in the small rapping nooks of New York City. … With the work ethic of a hairbrush and the wit of a new sock, Despot and Blockhead have been working on a debut full length since Despot began to lose his hair. Blockhead will handle the majority of the production on this album with some dear friends stepping in to make whatever sounds we have not made yet.

This song was produced by RATATAT and is a breath of fresh air in the midst of the metamorphosis of hip hop.

herbaliser2. The Herbaliser – Mr. Chombee Has The Flaw
[audio: TheHerbaliser-MrChombeeHasTheFlaw.mp3]
Though this song is from around 1997, I really enjoyed their influences from hip-hop, groove, funk, and jazz.

xx3. The XX – VCR
[audio: TheXX-VCR.mp3]
The LP of their debut self titled album is out already. VCR’s soft opening is welcoming and leads me into their steady guitar riff, which persists with slight variation throughout the song.

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dan pink on the surprising science of motivation

I could not agree more and just realized that is why Stephen Dukes was such a good manager.

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grilled bacon wrapped artichoke hearts

baconartAll the credit for this recipe goes to Zach’s mom Rikki Boyce. I have made them once, but eaten them about 4 times and they are amazing!

28 individual

* Italian dressing
* 2 cans of medium artichoke hearts (cut in half)
* One pack of bacon (cut in half)
* Toothpicks

Light charcoal grill.
Wrap halved artichokes in bacon and secure with a toothpick.
Put into a shallow bowl and pour Italian dressing on them.
Marinate them for an hour in the fridge moving them around occasionally to recoat in the dressing.
Drain and grill a few minutes per side.

I used raw bacon, but you can use precooked bacon (don’t grill it as long).
I started out by putting all the coals to one side of the grill. Then I put the artichoke hearts on the cool side of the grill and moved them slowly over the coals. I left the top on for a few minutes, then rotated them until the bacon was cooked.

music monday – ambar – tirante

I like the contrast between the bright colors and the black and white.

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this week the music was abundant

I’m still trying to vary the genre of music that I put on these posts and I think I’ve done a pretty good job lately. Let me know what you like/don’t like so I can adjust accordingly.

felt1. Felt – Protagonists
[audio: Felt-Protagonists.mp3]

FELT is a musical collaboration with the long-term goal of having sex with b-level Hollywood actresses. This record is not for the love of Hip Hop. The album is not to prove whose city has a better-implemented smoking ban. It’s solely a vehicle for rappers to have celebrity sex.

This is the best reason to have a band. Ever.

generationals2. Generationals – Bobby Beale
[audio: Generationals-BobbyBeale.mp3]
This is a quirky song that grew on me after a couple of listens.

julian3. Julian Plenti – Only if You Run
[audio: Julian-OnlyIfYouRun.mp3]
This is the lead singer, Paul Banks, of Interpol which is why his voice may sound familiar. Apparently he is not touting this fact which is pretty respectable in my opinion since he could gather a lot of followers from those that already listen to Interpol. Looks like he wants to make it based on merit.

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