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1. Cam’ron – My Job
[audio: camron_myjob.mp3]
Though I’ve never heard of Cam’ron, apparently he has been around for a while. He’s associated himself with Mase, Notorious B.I.G., and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. His first single was “Pull It”, which earned airplay in May of 1998. “My Job” conveys the life of a regular full time jobber, which is a departure to the usual thug life representation. It’s somewhat refreshing.

2. Cornelius – Drop
[audio: Cornelius-Drop.mp3]
The cough in the middle of the song along with the sound effects of the water make my body feel like I need air. Drop is off of the album “Point”. He uses a lot of sounds from nature as well as electronic sounds in his music. Cornelius was ranked at number 43 in a list of Japan’s top 100 musicians by HMV.

3. Machesa Traditional Group – Rarichama
[audio: MachesaTraditionalGroup-Rarichama.mp3]
“Rarichama” is an upbeat song that begs you to clap in time with it. They are from Botswana and won Best Traditional Artist or Group in the 2003 Kora All African Music Awards.

4. Starlight Mints – Zoomba
[audio: StarlightMints-Zoomba.mp3]
Their voices are almost comical in this song. It’s one of those songs that grabbed my attention and just kept me wondering what I would hear next. The Starlight Mints are an indie band that was formed in Oklahoma in the 90’s.

5. The Field – The More that I do (Foals Remix)
[audio: TheField-TheMoreThatIDo.mp3]
The Field is a Swedish minimalist techno group. I personally like music that I don’t have to think too much about to enjoy from time to time. This is definitely one of those tracks.

6. Tommy Sparks – She’s Got me Dancing
[audio: Tommy_sparks-shes_got_me_dancing.mp3]
Reminiscent of disco, “she’s got me dancing” is a song that will make you want to get up and move your body. It’s got a simple, straightforward beat coupled with an entourage of synthesized effects in the background. It ended so abruptly that it left me wanting more.

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and in that moment, i felt infinite – karen abad ♥s dinosaurs

Why I like this video: For one, I really like the name of the video. I also like the simple concept of playing audio of people describing their loneliness over the phone. Everyone has a different way to describe or express it, but it’s all a very similar feeling.

And In That Moment, I Felt Infinite from Karen Abad ♥s Dinosaurs. on Vimeo.

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the friend society

If you like cartoon videos that take it one step too far more often than not, then you may enjoy this site. Definitely NSFW. Definitely very offensive. (One of my favorites is Matt’s Thesis.)

The Friend Society.

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forever’s not so long

Why I like this video: It condenses life, relationships, and fear of being/dying alone into 13 minutes.

Forever’s Not So Long from garrettmurray on Vimeo.


trip to beaufort, south carolina

Saturday Day 1 Our trip started out early (at 3 AM) Sat. 5/16/09. We woke up, finished packing the car and left. Elek did really well through the first 5 hours of the trip– until a bit after Talladega, AL. He did not complain once. Luckily, we borrowed a portable DVD player that we saved until he started getting antsy. We stopped for about an hour at a rest stop just before Macon, GA, to eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, stretch and walk around. We arrived at my dad’s at around 4PM (I think). That night, there was the Habersham picnic at the pool. Elek enjoyed watching all the kids in the pool and playing on the playground. This was about the time the clouds started rolling in.

Sunday Day 2 Our wedding anniversary!! Rain, rain and more rain. This is the day my cat allergies started kicking in. My dad and Kay have 6 indoor/outdoor long-haired cats (Louis, Collette, Bob, Martin, Zeke, and Zorba). I tried about 10 over the counter allergy medicines including Zyrtec, Benadryl, Claritin, Sudafed, and Mucinex among others. Nothing seemed to work. Diana, Elek and I drove into town to walk on the boardwalk and see the boats. We got there and walked a little bit, but then Elek lost it, wouldn’t walk (and we forgot the stroller) and started freaking out so we had to return to home base. Diana went into town to look around and shop while Elek took his nap. Diana found a neat jewelry box made of shells, a tye-dye sundress, a souvenir crab magnet and a handblown glass dragonfly night light for Elek! That night we ate some Turkey BLTs made of turkey killed by my dad!

Monday Day 3 My allergies kept getting worse. My dad, Diana, Elek and I all went to Savannah, GA, to the Telfair Museum of Art, which had an unbelievably creative children’s section. We all ate lunch at a down home restaurant that was excellent. A little later in the afternoon Diana went to one of Kay’s bellydancing classes and I went with Elek and my dad to the YMCA to work out. Elek got to play outside a little with all the other kids. He seemed to really have a good time. Monday night we ate at the Chinese buffet, which was great for its variety (pizza, sushi, chinese, fish, etc.) At about 4am Elek woke up in a tizzy and Diana finally broke down crying since the weather and my allergies were making us both miserable. Her visions of shell-hunting and sand castles were dashed and we both decided it would be best if we left. After some contemplation, Nashville seemed the best option. We would only be a few hours from home and we could visit friends, the zoo and do some swimming at the hotel pool.

Tuesday Day 4 – Diana, Elek and I went back down to the waterfront in Beaufort and walked along the boardwalk. Elek played on the playground and then we ended up eating lunch at Kathleen’s – a local restaurant. During Elek’s nap Diana walked in on me with a tissue up each nostril moaning in bed. She proceeded to convince me we should find a doctor and get some allergy treatment. I ended up getting one shot of Benadryl, one shot of steroids, two pills and nasal spray. The Benadryl knocked me out so I took a nap before dinner. Tuesday night, Kay fixed pork tenderloin, salad, and corn pudding with goat cheese and we were able to take a walk finally. Unfortunately, it was still pretty cool and the military jets were in full effect. We booked our hotel room at the Millennium Maxwell House ( and Diana packed up all our stuff.

Wednesday Day 5 – We got up around 6AM with Elek, had breakfast, finished packing, said our goodbyes and headed for Nashville, TN. We got to Nashville about 3:30PM, checked into our hotel, and went to the pool since it was a beautiful 80 degrees and sunny outside! We left the bad weather behind. For dinner, we drove over to the San Antonio Taco Company on 21st street to have a leisurely dinner on their deck. (They have killer queso dip!) Since we went to an early dinner, we decided to go visit the Parthenon ( for an hour or so. There was yet another playground that Elek quite enjoyed.

Thursday Day 6 – We woke up early as usual and went to the Pancake Pantry for breakfast. Unbelievably it was my first time to eat there and it was amazing! The blueberry pancakes were to die for. Right after breakfast, we headed to the zoo ( and arrived right when it opened. We got in for half price since we had a Memphis Zoo membership. There was an all-encompasing playground that even the adults could enjoy. We spent about 2 1/2 hours there then we headed to meet our friends Chris and Blake at Rotiers ( for lunch. During Elek’s nap, I read and Diana went out to the pool again. We talked to Liesel and got the number of her babysitter so Diana and I could go out that evening. After eating dinner at Blackstone (, which was surprisingly very kid-friendly, we had a drink by the pool, called the babysitter and were off to downtown Nashville. Diana and I walked down Printer’s Alley onto 2nd and from 2nd to Broadway (Keep in mind it’s around 9PM). There we found a bar called Decades (, which had just opened for the night. We decided to go in. Despite the fact that there was no one in there, but us and the two bartenders, we stayed until about 1AM. We got to know the bartenders, Dave and Ashley, and we played quarters for about 3 hours. We ended up dancing a bit as the night went on and more people came into the bar.

Friday Day 7 – We woke up and went to Noshville ( for breakfast, which was really good and filling. After that we decided it was probably time to just come back to Memphis. When we got back to the hotel, we packed everything up, checked out and hit the road. Three long hours later we were glad to be back at home! Now we have a full and long weekend to wind down!

We are very glad that Elek got to spend time with Grandaddy and Kay even though the weather and my allergies were not cooperating. This was the first long road trip that Elek has ever been on and he behaved really well in general. We were so lucky to have a portable DVD player with us. One huge benefit of driving was that we were much more flexible than if we had a flight to catch. Next time I’ll know to be prepared for my allergies.

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pictures from beaufort, south carolina

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