memphis traffic makes me crazy

Sometimes Memphis drivers make me crazy. Today I was running a little late because I had to drop Elek off at daycare in the morning. I got onto I-240 behind the slowest people on the face of the earth. Finally, I was able to change lanes and gain some speed so I’m going as fast as the other cars when this jackass who was in the left lane drifts on over into my lane, no blinker of course, literally seven feet from my car. It made me want to do the following to his car: (or take some thermite to it)


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music monday – matt & kim – daylight

Why I like this video: It seems like they’re having a great time. I like the somewhat unrefined sound in their music.

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it’s friday

It’s friday and I’m in my cube looking at all the pictures I have of Elek and Diana up on my wall. They make me smile. There’s one of Diana and Elek having a great time on the carousel at Wolfchase mall. There’s another with Elek working on his Winnie the Pooh airplane, still another with Elek wearing his “I do all my own stunts” (he does) teeshirt looking up at momma in the kitchen of our old apartment. It’s just amazing how time flies. I’m very fortunate to have such a happy, functional, and wonderful family.

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notte sento

Why I like this video: I love this video because of the way it uses silence. I really believe that silence is underutilized and I really appreciate it in this day in age. This is a beautiful short because of the strong bond between the two characters. I also enjoyed the stop motion that was slightly sped up as a twist.

I like this first one better without English subtitles because I think they distract and detract. I will embed the English subtitled one under this one.

Notte Sento from napdan on Vimeo.

Notte Sento (English subtitles) from napdan on Vimeo.

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cold fusion in the news again.. and “experimentally confirmed”

Here we have cold fusion in the news yet again. It was first in the news in 1989 and people have been skeptical ever since. A few years ago another similar claim was put forth, except this time using magnets, by Steorn. We still have yet to see Steorn create any tools that create power. Supposedly in this new article scientists have recreated the cold fusion experiment and were able to create an accurate sensor. I’m of the opinion though until Steorn or these scientists developing cold fusion can produce a “theoretical rationale”, then it’s likely baloney. This excerpt is from another article on the same thing: “The problem with Mosier-Boss’ work, he said, is that it fails to provide a theoretical rationale to explain how fusion could occur at room temperatures. And in its analysis, the research paper fails to exclude other sources for the production of neutrons.” Read on…

The theoretical underpinnings of cold fusion have yet to be adequately explained. The hypothesis is that when electrolysis is performed on deuteron, molecules are fused into helium, releasing a high-energy neutron. While excess heat has been detected by researchers, no group had yet been able to detect the missing neutrons.

Now, the Naval researchers claim that the problem was instrumentation, which was not up to the task of detecting such small numbers of neutrons. To sense such small quantities, Mosier-Boss used a special plastic detector called CR-39. Using co-deposition with nickel and gold wire electrodes, which were inserted into a mixture of palladium chloride and deutrium, the detector was able to capture and track the high-energy neutrons.

The plastic detector captured a pattern of tiny clusters of adjacent pits, called triple tracks, which the researchers claim is evidence of the telltale neutrons.

via – Cold fusion experimentally confirmed.

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enjoy music – as i used to say on my old old blog

1. Fight Like Apes – I’m Beginning to Think You Prefer Beverly Hills 90210 to Me
[audio: fightlikeapes-90210.mp3]
Why I like this song: This is a tribute to our current economy.

2. Air France – Collapsing at Your Doorstep
[audio: AirFrance-CollapsingAtYourDoorstep.mp3]
Why I like this song: It reminds me of Frontier Psychiatry by the Avalanches slightly in the quality of the sampling. It’s really a song you don’t have to put much effort into. It relaxes me.

3. Cassius – Toop Toop
[audio: Cassius-ToopToop.mp3]
Why I like this song: I like this band despite their association with MC Solar. For some reason this song makes me think of someone galloping around on a broomstick. Or maybe that’s just something I want to do while listening to the song. At any rate I have just breached the TMI mark.

4. Gui Boratto – Take My Breath Away
[audio: GuiBoratto-TakeMyBreathAway.mp3]
Why I like this song: I really like Gui Boratto’s earlier stuff. He basically creates minimalist electronic music and I have posted about him before in a Music Monday post. I also find his music very relaxing.

5. Justice – DVNO
[audio: Justice-Dvno.mp3]
Why I like this song: It’s got just the right amount of funk to it. It reminds me a little of Daft Punk. Ever wanted to make your own Daft Punk remix? Check out

6. The Blow – Parentheses
[audio: TheBlow-Parentheses.mp3]
Why I like this song: I burned the Blow for Diana and I have to admit I really like it. She deserves all the credit on this one (and probably a lot more that I have forgotten about :X I love you, Diana!). It’s very poppy and reminds me a bit of earlier Brunettes. As a side note, nothing in the deli aisle ever makes me cry.

7. The Faint – Fish in a Womb
[audio: TheFaint-FishinaWomb.mp3]
Why I like this song: This just sounds like something I’ve already blogged about back when I was living with Chris. I like the roughness around the edges.

8. Architecture in Helsinki – Maybe You Can Owe Me
[audio: ArchitectureInHelsinki-MaybeYouCanOweMe.mp3]
Why I like this song: I have blogged about Architecture in Helsinki before and I included “Do the Whirlwind” on my first Indie CD. I must say I really like their album In Case We Die. It has been a while since I’ve listened to their stuff (several years), but I believe I don’t enjoy their newer music as much. I like them because they are different, yet catchy, and very enjoyable.

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