music monday – mims – move

Why I like this video: I especially like this video in high def which you can view on its director’s website, I like the effects and the lyrics in general. Simple enough.

MIMS – Move (If You Wanna) from pandaponics on Vimeo.

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musical variety is the spice of my musical life

1. Amorf Ordogok – Betyar A Holdon
[audio: amorf_ordogok-betyar_a_holdon.mp3]
Why I like this song: Amorf Ordogok is a hungarian folk/gypsy band that provides a MUCH needed break from English music. The syncopation is addictive.

2. The Broken West – Perfect Games
[audio: brokenwest-perfectgames.mp3]
Why I like this song: This song really reminds me of Matt Pond PA and I couldn’t quite place it at first since I blogged about Matt Pond PA August 4, 2006 on my old blog. I like it because it’s upbeat indie pop/rock.

3. Ruby Isle – Now We Can See
[audio: ruby-isle-now-we-can-see.mp3]
Why I like this song: Now We Can See starts out like you’re coming out of a bad daze, but it flows into some sort of weird indie pop flow with hiccups along the way.

4. School of Seven Bells – Connjur
[audio: schoolofsevenbells-connjur.mp3]
Why I like this song: Connjur is another indie electronic song that has a dreamy female voice lulling you into a trance. How can you go wrong with Postal Service like percussion?

5. Thao With the Get Down, Stay Down – Fear and Convenience
[audio: thaonguyen-fear_and_convenience.mp3]
Why I like this song: Fear and Convenience is Indie pop with hand claps and a brass instrument. Thao with the Get Down, Stay Down is like accidentally seeing a local band in a bar and realizing that they’re actually good.

6. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Sun Aint Shining No More
[audio: theasteroidsgalaxytour-thesunaintshiningnomore.mp3]
Why I like this song: It brings the 1960s to 2008 with a touch of B52s. (Side note: The B52s played at my college graduation in a drizzle. Pretty cool.)

7. The Very Most – Sod Off
[audio: theverymost-sod_off.mp3]
Why I like this song: More indie rock/pop from one man band Jeremy Jensen. Of course he got help from his friends. Did I mention that I’m an indie addict?

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irregular flow

Why I like this: It reminds me that we’re all connected and one thing we do influences everything else. Not to mention it’s calming because of the elemental movement throughout the short.

irregular flow from 4khz on Vimeo.

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scientists stop the aging process in mice

I find this extremely interesting, but at the same time, it brings up the question about immortality. Does anyone truly want to be immortal? I don’t think I do, but at the same time, this could completely improve the life of someone whose liver is too old to function. It will decrease the likelihood of a failed transplant or a transplant at all. It’s a thin line we’re walking and it appears we’re about to fall over it.

Scientists have stopped the aging process in an entire organ for the first time, a study released today says.

In experiments, livers in genetically modified mice 22 to 26 months old, the equivalent of octogenarians in human years, cleaned blood as efficiently as those in animals a quarter their age.

By contrast, the livers of normal mice in a control group began to fail.

via Scientists stop the ageing process (ABC News in Science).

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federal reserve system is a private bank

federal_reserveSo I find this whole conversation a bit unnerving. It makes me want to look more into it. It is a bit ridiculous to think that creating money out of thin air will never catch up with you. Eventually people will realize that everyone who owes debt cannot pay back the amount owed. Not to mention as a country we are borrowing money from a private bank… how do I get in on that action? Ron Paul knows all about this as well. There was a documentary made about it called America: Freedom to Facism Directed by Aaron Russo. It’s a very interesting watch.

CALLER – Is the Federal Reserve a Corporation?

MR. SUPINSKI – Yes CALLER – Does my government own any of the stock in the Federal Reserve?

MR. SUPINSKI – No, it is owned by the member banks.

CALLER – Are the member banks private corporations?

MR. SUPINSKI – Yes CALLER – Are Federal Reserve Notes backed by anything?

MR. SUPINSKI -Yes, by the assets of the Federal Reserve but, primarily by the power of congress to lay tax on the people.

via The Federal Reserve System is a Private Bank.

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study: drug can erase emotional links to fearful memories

A lab study shows that a common blood pressure drug can modify a fear memory in people. Scientists are hopeful such drugs could be used to treat people with post-traumatic stress disorder, and this is already being tried in one clinic.

The really interesting thing about this story is that the memory itself is still in tact, but the emotional link (i.e. fear) is erased. In the study, volunteers were exposed to two images of spiders and received a small electric shock when they saw one of them. This produced an emotional memory of fear whenever they saw that particular spider. The experimental group of students were then given a beta blocker (blood pressure) drug and exposed to the same image. This effectively removed the fear that was associated with the image. Truly an amazing development especially for those with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

via Study: Drug Can Erase Fearful Memories : NPR.

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