general tso’s chicken recipe

General Tso's ChickenIngredients

* 3 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into chunks
* 2 cups green onions, sliced Note: I did not use these since I don’t really care for them.
* 8 small dried chilies, seeds removed (bird pepper or thai chilies are good) Note: I didn’t use these because I forgot to pick them up from the store. But I will try them next time.

Cornstarch slurry

* 1/4 cup soy sauce
* 1 egg, beaten
* 1 cup cornstarch

I used a General Tso’s Sauce I found in Schnuck’s, but on this recipe they tell you how to make your own. The link to the recipe I edited is at the bottom.

1. Mix cornstarch slurry in a large bowl- the mixture will be strange but trust me it works. Add chicken pieces to coat. Using a fork remove ONE chicken piece at a time and let the excess mixture drip off. Add it to the hot (350 degree) oil and fry until crispy. Only cook 7 or 8 chicken pieces at a time. You do not want to raise the temp of the oil by cooking too many at a time. I cooked as many as would fit in my skillet at once.
2. Drain on paper towels. Keep warm- I just put them in the oven with the oven off. Repeating until all chicken is fried.
3. In a separate wok or large skillet add a small amount of oil and heat to 400 degrees. I skipped this step since I didn’t have these.
4. Add green onions and hot peppers and stir fry about 30 seconds. I skipped this step.
5. Stir sauce mixture, and then add to pan with onions and peppers, cook until thick. If it gets too thick, add a little water. I skipped this step.
6. Add chicken to sauce in wok, and cook until all is hot and bubbly. The quicker this is done the crispier the chicken stays. I really skipped this step too. I just poured the sauce over the chicken and rice.
7. I steamed some broccoli to go with the meal as well.

Another thing to note is that some recipes call for thigh meat, which we did not use because we have an aversion to it after a few kitchen mishaps. That’s why we liked this recipe with chicken breasts.

I edited this recipe: General Tso’s Chicken Recipe : Recipezaar.

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mark thomas purchases 87% stake in midway

MidwayWhat I find so interesting about this article is the following: I would love to know how the transaction works, how you figure out if it’s a good deal, who knows about these opportunities. Another thing I find fascinating is that I know who Mark Thomas is. I understand (or at least partly) his wanting to keep out of the public spotlight and respect that. Why doesn’t he want a more hands on approach to a company that he owns 87% of? I don’t know. One terrific thing about this purchase though is that the video game industry is still booming despite our recession.

Wanted: Information on Mark Thomas, head of Acquisition Holdings Subsidiary I LLC.

His identity is like Batman’s: unknown. Everyone in the gaming metropolis is buzzing about who Thomas, the man who Friday agreed to pay $100,000 for an 87% stake in Midway, the publisher of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, actually is. Here are some bare-bones facts:

* Thomas wants to be a passive investor, said Peter Kolevzon, an attorney with Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel, the New York law firm that is representing Thomas in the transaction.
* Thomas is the primary investor and beneficiary of the generically named Acquisition Holdings Subsidiary.
* He does not intend to be on Midway’s board. Nor does he plan to get involved in the management of Midway despite his huge stake in the Chicago company, Kolevzon said.
* He is a U.S. citizen, city unknown.
* He is not granting interviews.

Bruce Wayne may be the Dark Knight, but is this Thomas character Midway’s white knight?

via Mark Thomas: Midway’s mystery man –

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scarlet is attractive to both men and women

Is this supposed to be a play on words? While the article is interesting in itself, read the last sentence that I’ve quoted below, then look at the picture. Funny, no? The gist of the article is that men (and women) are more sexually attracted to those that wear read. It has been like that for quite some time, as the article points out the red light district, red on Valentine’s Day, and the use of red in fertility rituals.

What is more, men seem completely oblivious to the effect that a glimpse of red can have on their emotions.

The researchers said it appeared they were driven by primal instincts that associate the colour with sex…

…The research suggests a man in scarlet is just as irresistible to women.

via Why Men Always Fall for a Lady in Red –

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cia boss had history of road rage, bribery, and punching people in the face

This sounds an awful lot like James Bond to me… well… besides the whole going to jail for fraud thing. I’m a little surprised this article hasn’t been more prominent on the interwebs.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A former CIA agent rose to the agency’s No. 3 rank despite a record of misconduct that stretched over 20 years, prosecutors said, but his career came to an end with his conviction in a bribery scheme.

In court papers, prosecutors describe how, Kyle “Dusty” Foggo was investigated in the late 1980s for punching a bicyclist in a traffic dispute and for numerous relationships with foreign women that could have compromised security…

…Instead, Foggo is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday in U.S. District Court in Alexandria after pleading guilty to a single count of fraud as part of a plea bargain. He is the highest ranking CIA officer ever to be convicted of a federal felony.

via Feds: CIA boss had history of bad behavior – Crime & courts-

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me as a baby

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firefox plugins – which ones i use and why

firefox-iconI’ve loved Firefox since its inception, but these extensions make it even better. I’ve played with extensions off and on for quite a while and I’ve finally settled down with some must haves for me. I like the idea of customizing the browser to display exactly what the user wants to see. That is actually where I see the web going… where the user completely determines what s/he sees, in what order, format, etc. RSS and Atom feeds are a step in that direction, but the feed reader determines how you view the sites. The extensions are below.

  1. Adblock plus + Adblock Filterset.G Updater
  2. One of the BEST extensions out there because it blocks almost all ads. Need I say more?

  3. Gmail Ad Blocker
  4. The only thing better than gmail, as far as I’m concerned, is gmail sans the ads. This extension allows you to view more of your email instead of ads.

  5. Download status bar
  6. Download statusbar shows you the status of your downloads in the bottom of the browser window where there is dead space. I dislike the extra download window you would otherwise have to open to check your downloads. I use the mini setting.

  7. IE Tab
  8. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to a site and it saying it’s not compatible with IE. IE Tab allows you to use the IE engine to view the page in a tab inside Firefox. You don’t have to open your IE browser or copy and paste the link! It works for me about 95% of the time.

  9. Gmail Manager
  10. I have multiple gmail accounts and I like to know when I get mail, but don’t want a full blown mail client like Thunderbird open. It displays your email count in the bottom bar of the browser. It’s definitely a time and space saver.

  11. Ubiquity
  12. Ubiquity is another plugin I love. It adds a console feature to the browser using easily understandable commands. You can watch the intro video on vimeo’s site or read more about it at Mozilla Labs. As a simple example, if you come across an interesting article on the internet (and you happen to have gmail open and or logged in) you can type control space to bring up the console and type “email this to” and it will email the page as a link to Very cool stuff and potentially one of the futures of the interwebs.

  13. Yahoo! Mail Notifier
  14. Another email notification extension. I use yahoo too, but mostly for junk. It’s also displayed in the bottom bar of the browser and is very similar to the gmail extension.

  15. Creator
  16. I really like the service more than tinyurl because (you guessed it) the URL is smaller. This addon is a button that you can place in the toolbar that, when clicked, will convert the current URL to a shortened URL and automatically copy it to your clipboard AND show you with a small popup in the bottom right of your browser window. It saves me a lot of time.

  17. Quickmarks
  18. Quickmarks is an extension that allows you to assign hot keys to go to different websites. This is very handy to quickly go to a site you visit all the time like Reddit or your email. Not a must have, but very convenient and fast.

  19. Twitlet (actually a bookmarklet)
  20. This bookmarklet is essential if you’re a twitter addict and update it about 257325 times a day. You click this bookmark and enter your status and hit enter. That’s it. Simple. The only bad part about this bookmarklet is that it does hold your twitter login and pass in it, so you wouldn’t want to install on a shared or public PC.

Those are all the extensions I currently use, but I’m sure that is likely to change. Do you have any favorite extensions?

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