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Pitt Hyde buys 105,264 shares of GTx stock

jr_pitt_hyde_iii_1.jpgThere’s got to be something here… when many top people start buying up a company after it drops 38% or so. They must know something that we don’t.. and that must be that the company has solid financials and will definitely rebound. It’s not often something like this is brought to my attention, but it certainly makes you think… what if? Sometimes I’d like to take a huge financial risk.. but at the same time.. what if something else happens and you don’t have the liquidity that you need. It’s curtains! Then again without any risk, there are no large returns. It’s such a delicate balance that I don’t particularly want to be in the middle of often.

AutoZone Inc. founder Joseph “Pitt” Hyde has purchased 105,264 shares of GTx Inc. for $1.1 million, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Hyde now owns about 18.2 million shares of the company, according to the SEC document. Hyde was among many that have purchased GTx (Nasdaq: GTXI) stock in the days following bad news of the company’s drug Fareston. The European Medicines Agency claimed last week the drug should not be prescribed to patients with certain heart conditions. This news sent the company’s stock tumbling 38.4 percent late last week. The company has also recommended changes to the drug’s label in the U.S.

via Pitt Hyde buys 105,264 shares of GTx stock – Memphis Business Journal:.

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coachella festival lineup announced and wow


This looks like a good time. (I wrote this before adding the pic, haha)
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California April 17,18,19, 2009

Nine Inch Nails
Franz Ferdinand
Katy Perry
The Presets
K’s Choice
Conor Oberst
…  Full Lineup

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google supporting network neutrality

comcast5.jpgI really hope that Google moves forward with this quickly seeing as how the American people were duped into paying for it already back during the Clinton administration. It was a good idea with no follow through and definitely no ass kicking from the government. I don’t want money back or the telecoms to have to pay anything. I just want them to do what they said and NOW. Not to mention lower my stupid internet bill and give me decent speed. How is it we’re lacking in that department when compared to places like Japan? Oh yeah, it’s because you can go to Japan and basically see our future.

Google Inc on Wednesday unveiled a plan aimed at eventually letting computer users determine whether providers like Comcast Corp are inappropriately blocking or slowing their work online.

The scheme is the latest bid in the debate over network neutrality, which pits content companies like Google against some Internet service providers.

via Reuters: Google begins effort to find Internet blockers.

It’s ridiculous to think that the telecoms were given monetary incentives from the government to improve their infrastructure, but the telecoms didn’t do anything at all. I remember reading about this a long time ago and thanks to the nice people at Reddit, we now have another article to share.

Starting in the early 1990’s, the Clinton-Gore Administration had aggressive plans to create the “National Infrastructure Initiative” to rewire ALL of America with fiber optic wiring, replacing the 100 year old copper wire. The Bell companies – SBC, Verizon, BellSouth and Qwest, claimed that they would step up to the plate and rewire homes, schools, libraries, government agencies, businesses and hospitals, etc. if they received financial incentives.

Kushnick’s “$200 Billion Broadband Scandal” says the government was promised 86 million households with fiber wiring delivering bi-directional 45 Mbps speeds, capable of handling 500 channels by 2006. He calls it a fraud case, with deft omission in the annals of the FCC, that cost households at least $2000 a piece but got nothing in return.

“Customers paid for a fiber optic wire and got DSL over the old copper wiring – it’s like ordering a Ferrari and getting a bicycle,” he writes in the “Bait and Switch” bullet.

via Web Pro News: Telcos Lay $200 Billion Goose Egg.

confessions of a TED addict – i can relate to this

ted1.jpgI can completely relate to this article. When I first discovered TED, I spent hours upon hours watching the talks. I was completely baffled as to why I had never seen these before. I wanted to be at the conference… then I realized that it was both invite only and you actually had to do something ground breaking. That’s when it hit me… I can tag along with Nick when he’s invited due to his extensive studies at UCLA in the field of bioinformatics. Perfect.

Oh why oh why have I been bingeing on TED talks again? I promised myself I would quit watching the ecstatic series of head-rush disquisitions, available online, from violinists, political prisoners, brain scientists, novelists and Bill Clinton. But I can’t. Each hortatory TED talk starts with a bang and keeps banging till it explodes in fireworks. How can I shut it off? The speakers seem fevered, possessed, Pentecostal. No wonder I am, too, now.

A TED talk begins as an auditorium speech given at the multidisciplinary, invitation-only annual TED conference. (This year’s 25th-anniversary conference takes place next week in Long Beach, Calif.) TED then creates videos of the speeches and puts them online so they can find a broader audience — and usurp my life. There are around 370 speeches and counting on TED.com. A new one is added every weekday.

via The Medium – Confessions of a TED Addict – NYTimes.com.

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elevator (definitely nsfw language)


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