memphis companies nab government contracts

mlgwSo why wasn’t the government available for competition? Oh yeah, MLGW is a monopoly… er I mean government run so there is no competition. Does this hurt the consumer? Yes. Does MLGW’s customer service suck ass? Yes. Will it get better without competition? Why would it? Who else are YOU going to get utilities from? I dislike laws which cannot be enforced. Such as Ticketmaster = Monopoly, Comcast or Time Warner = monopolies since only one can be in one area at once. On the bright side, it does provide more income for MLGW which may help them not layoff anyone during this economic dip.

Several Memphis companies have received contracts worth more than $1 million from the federal government so far this year, according to a government Web site.

Memphis Light Gas & Water got a $3.5 million contract for utility services for the Memphis branch of the Internal Revenue Service. The contract was not available for competition as MLGW is a government entity. The Web site,, says MLGW has 2,600 employees and annual revenues of $1.6 billion.

via Memphis companies nab government contracts – Memphis Business Journal:.

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