New breakthrough in AIDS research could present a cure

“We’ve discovered the weak spot of HIV,” declared Dr Sudhir Paul of the University of Texas Medical School in Houston on Thursday.

Current HIV drugs cannot destroy the virus because of its ability to mutate and adapt to drugs by changing its coating. Eventually the virus prevails and the infected person succumbs to the infection.

But Dr Paul believes they have cracked the “Achilles heel” of the HIV virus — a small region where the virus cannot change its coating because it is the attachment point to T lymphocytes, the key cell in cell-mediated immunity. If that region is targeted, the virus can be destroyed.

The researchers have tested their findings by arming the immune system with their new weapon that lab tests and animal trials show WORKS.

via US researchers say they may have found Aids cure.

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Dying Stem Cells Good News for Scientists

By harvesting stem cells from the victim of a certain disease, scientists can now observe similar cells dying from the disease. This will enable them to do more research on what causes the disease and how to stop it.

Patient-derived induced stem cells retain disease traits.

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