grilled cheese recipe

IMG_2646This recipe is quite possibly the easiest one I will ever post, however, it sure is tasty. The grilled cheese is pretty much the first thing I learned to cook from my mom.

* Two slices of bread
* Two slices of Kraft “processed cheese product” (Kraft Singles)
* About a tablespoon of butter

We have a gas stove top that goes from Low to 6/High. I usually keep it around 5 for this. Preheat skillet. Put half of the butter on the skillet and the assembled cheese (it’s not grilled at this point) on top. Move it in a circular motion to coat the bottom piece of bread in butter. Wait. When it’s browned to your liking, put the other piece of butter down and put the other side of the bread on it. Again move it around in a circular motion to coat the bread. When it’s browned enough for you, it’s done.

*Note: If you keep it on a little bit of a lower heat, then the cheese is more likely to melt more.

We love these and we’ve eaten them before with relish, or pickles, or tomatoes.

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cooper young night out

IMG_2674Cooper Young Night Out was last Tuesday night despite all the rain. Brett and Sharon Ammons were hosting again this year for our block. Again the Cooper Young Night Out was sponsored by Target. The reason it was so late this year is because last year the weather was so hot that they decided to move it to a cooler date. It was much cooler this year and rainy and wet, but that didn’t stop us from having fun! Diana, Elek, and I showed up a little early to help with the preparations. The picture above is of the Huseriks’ arrival.

IMG_2677Brett fired up the grill and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs while we talked about the neighborhood and last year’s party. Everyone entered for a chance to win a new bicycle from Target. I think our odds were better this year than last since not as many people came probably due to the gloomy weather. Target also left us with some early Halloween candy, beach balls, and reusable Target shopping bags. As usual the boys played together in the ball pit, tent, and with all the other toys with minimal involvement from the adults.

IMG_2678I am hoping that next year the weather will be a bit more cooperative. This year everyone is really sick of the month long monsoon. Our family is also trying to become more involved so we can participate in more family oriented and neighborhood oriented events. Ever since Elek was born (3 years ago!), it has been one continuous metamorphosis from one lifestyle to another. Because of get togethers like these, Cooper Young is a wonderful neighborhood to live in especially if you have children.

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music monday – the ropes – kitty get down

I like the animation much more than the music. This video has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time and it’s finally time to get it out.

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glad this week is over mix

This week has been a long one. Work has been OK with a few exceptions. We have had plenty of activities this week though including Cooper Young Night Out Tuesday, dinner at my mom’s Wednesday, dinner at the Schadt’s Thursday, and finally a babysitter and a party to go to Friday. I’m ready for this week to end. I hope you enjoy these few songs.

jookabox1. Jookabox – You Cried Me

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I like the fast paced folkish strumming and howling.

knigsof2. Kings of Convenience – Mrs. Cold

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This is a laid back song that I really needed today after a couple of mishaps.

jc3. Jesus Christ (The Indie Band) – Is This Really What You Want

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First of all, I love the name of the band. Second, the dialog is classic. It makes me smile. Is that bad? And then it’s sad.

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elek’s 3rd birthday party

IMG_2570This past week we had a few celebrations for our son Elek who just turned three years old. We sent miniature cupcakes to his class on the day of his birthday and made Mexican layer dish for dinner since he loves chips so much. That night he got to open a couple of presents including a soccer ball and a couple of books from Mama and Daddy as well as several puzzles from Diana’s sister Kristen. The next day, Elek got a bright red retro Radio Flyer tricycle from Gran. Grandaddy also made a visit from Beaufort, SC. He brought Elek a small fishing rod.
Thursday began his party preparations for Saturday. Nana gave Elek a ball pit (pictured to the above) that was a hit at the party. We bought ingredients to make our own pizzas. It was a great success. We used premade crusts, mozzarella, peperoni, sausage, and pasta sauce. They were quite tasty and there are enough leftovers to feed an army. There were cupcakes and single serving ice cream that the kids just loved. Annabeth was nice enough to come over and play a few songs for the children. There are some videos of that on the previous post. Elek also received a brown horse stick toy that he can ride around from Gran. Elek loves galloping sideways. Mama and Daddy gave him a small piano like in Peanuts and a whiffle bat and ball.
The next night we went over to Nana’s house to celebrate with their family. I think at this point Elek was sort of worn out, which is a good sign that he had a great birthday. Dave gave him a soft rocket launcher that shoots the rocket when you jump on an air pouch. Elek quite enjoyed this toy, though at the party he seemed a bit overwhelmed by how many people were there. He was also a little sick or maybe it was due to allergies just like his Daddy. It seemed like Elek really had a great time for his birthday this year. We hope in the future we can think of constructive things for his birthday that he will enjoy.

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elek’s 3rd birthday party videos

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