grilled cheese recipe

IMG_2646This recipe is quite possibly the easiest one I will ever post, however, it sure is tasty. The grilled cheese is pretty much the first thing I learned to cook from my mom.

* Two slices of bread
* Two slices of Kraft “processed cheese product” (Kraft Singles)
* About a tablespoon of butter

We have a gas stove top that goes from Low to 6/High. I usually keep it around 5 for this. Preheat skillet. Put half of the butter on the skillet and the assembled cheese (it’s not grilled at this point) on top. Move it in a circular motion to coat the bottom piece of bread in butter. Wait. When it’s browned to your liking, put the other piece of butter down and put the other side of the bread on it. Again move it around in a circular motion to coat the bread. When it’s browned enough for you, it’s done.

*Note: If you keep it on a little bit of a lower heat, then the cheese is more likely to melt more.

We love these and we’ve eaten them before with relish, or pickles, or tomatoes.

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