Old Man

So tonight at about 6:15 I went to the grocery store for what I thought would be a normal shopping extravaganza. I was wrong. When I first got to the store, I lucked up and got a parking space right outside the door, which NEVER happens. Score. Then I noticed some guy running in traffic on Union. There were some shouts and two officers chasing this guy in the middle of cars rushing by. I heard a thump and one of the cops had tackle the man and the other was waving off traffic. Wonder what he did.

I go into the store only to find an ornery old man talking to himself. Frequently saying “Is this ripe!?” and “There used to be more selection!” I kept to myself and kept shopping. About half way through my shopping, I was looking for a pork roast and heard/saw the old man yelling at an employee to get a flat with a bunch of cokes out of the way. When the employee didn’t move immediately, the old man slammed his cart into the flat and said “Well I’ll just move it myself!” (Everything he said was with a certain vigor.) I continued my pork selection while thinking to myself “please leave me alone, please leave me alone, please leave me alone”. Naturally he came up to me to ask if I knew how to tell if it was tender. I said no and he went on to explain what looked good and that if you press it, and it behaves a certain way, then it was a good cut of meat. Apparently his father had owned at least five grocery stores. Truly an interesting experience.

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Holiday Cheer

The holidays are here again and it’s about time I figure out the meaning of them. It was always hard for me to come up with suggestions for christmas. Now I’m more than happy to receive clothes or anything home made which is a complete 180 from when I was a child. As a child, I always wanted the latest and greatest toys. Optimus Prime, Domino Rally, electric race car set, etc. At this age when I received the most consistent present of wool socks, I would be disappointed. Now I’m ecstatic to receive anything warm (since I almost never buy myself clothes if I can help it). I also figured out that people are excited when you offer to make them something for the holidays. This year we’re offering a selection of bread, chocolate pecan pie, vanilla extract, or chicken enchiladas. Well, now that I’ve given away all my secrets, do you have a favorite thing you make for gifts for the holidays?

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New Job

So I got a new job and started this week. I’ve never been so oddly calm about not having a job.. well.. ever. This is the first time I’ve not had a job since I was 16. Two months without one wasn’t bad at all though. I got to know my son, Elek, better. I learned how to bake bread. I learned a lot more about cooking. I read more. I learned about unemployment, when and how to register. I learned about using your contacts to find a job. Learned a little about how it would feel if I couldn’t get a job at all (desperation). I learned how to relax a little. I learned how valuable one’s time is. I fixed up my old Brio train for Elek. I was fortunate enough to switch places with my lovely wife to understand what she went through when I was at work and she wasn’t. She also learned what it felt like to be me. Because I was able to relax while doing everything possible to get a job, I definitely was happy during this time off. It could have been the opposite. I’m very thankful for any and all help I got during this time. While I know the economy has not hit bottom yet, I’m ever optimistic about where it will take us. I’m just here for the ride.

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